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Listen to Bruce Lee & Learn #selforganizedlearning

Bruce Lee was right. You must be, “…formless…shapeless, like water.” Self-organized learning is formless and simple. Traditional universities are defined and stubborn. Even though MOOCs have provided access to world-class content from top-tier universities, professors still doubt the validity of open source learning. Educational…

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Stop Trying to Save the World and Become a Nerd

I admire people who have a passion for something. Whether it is whale watching or playing Dungeons and Dragons, there are people in this world who are so in love with their passion they would marry it if the courts approved. When I was a “Smack” at the…

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Accredit Your Portfolio Before You Start

Most accreditation processes evaluate an institute’s content and assume that if the content smells like roses it will naturally produce world-class graduates. In the real world though, accreditation follows the simple mantra, “walk the talk.”

In a…

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Combining Fibonacci and Degreed to Help Students “Size” Their Learning

Every learning path is a project and at the beginning of every project, the team or in this case student, plans out how much effort will be required to update a portfolio that can be shared with employers and colleagues. In the case of Agile Project…

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Degreed Agile Learning Guide

After I wrote about Agile Learning I wanted to expand on the idea and figure out how to create a…

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A New Version of Schoolhouse Rock

Online learning discussion feels like a tennis match. On one side you have the traditional brick and mortar schools where students attend classes in person and complete their homework at the library or on the university intranet. On the other side, you…

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Never Forget the Power of Pen and Paper

Learning is a simple and powerful experience which I am afraid is being forgotten. People seem more focused on fixing the tools that provide MOOC content rather than looking at the learning process and figuring how to get back to the basics.

In the…

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Educational Cross Promotion

Comcast and Khan Academy just announced an exciting new partnership. Fast Company summarizes it by saying Comcast will highlight its new low-cost broadband program, Internet Essentials through cross-promotion with Khan Academy’sfree online educational…

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